F!#$ the gimmicks: It’s a resolution revolution!

Don’t fall for the “new year, new you” bull$#!%.

Oh hey there. It’s Daniel comin’ atcha. Now that we’re done with the holiday hustle and the Boxing Day blowouts, you know what that means. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when an onslaught of companies try to convince us that our entirely made up calendar switching from December 31st to Jan 1st means that everything is about to change.

“New year, new you”, as they say. Ugh… I almost barfed typing that.

I cannot tell you how bored and annoyed I am with this nonsense so forgive me if I get a lil’ spicy about it. To me it not only exemplifies an extreme lack of creativity from the marketing department of every fitness, wellness and weight-loss brand in the world, but it tends to capitalize on negative human emotions and insecurities which is just gross.

I don’t know about you but I feel that empowerment is a much more effective and honest way to communicate with people. What a concept, eh?

So let me do my best to pump your tires and get you amped up to transition into your next era – an era in which, at this point, we were supposed to have flying cars… We’re talkin’ 2024.

new year, true you.

My biggest problem with “new year, new you” is that it implies you’re not good enough as you are. Or that we need to somehow erase the past year in order to make way for the new version of you. In my not-so-humble opinion… that’s complete bull$#!%.

What if we decided to celebrate the wins, and transmute the losses into energy that we can actually use moving forward? Doesn’t that make more sense? To appreciate that we are where we are because of where we’ve been, and there’s nowhere to go but up?

Further, you might have habits you want to change, goals you want set, beliefs you want to strengthen, but you don’t need to be a new version of yourself, you just need to be more of yourself; A truer version, not a newer version.

the resolution revolution 

Most resolutions fail. Why? In my opinion it’s because we’re focused on changing things about ourselves instead of falling more in love with ourselves and letting positive shifts be the byproduct of a life well lived.

While there’s nothing wrong with deciding to work out more, drink less, or make a priority out of the goals you’ve been avoiding, it just doesn’t compute to me why we have to make these drastic decisions on January 1st. In fact, shouldn’t we be doing this every day?

If we strive on a daily basis to be our true self, it gives us one goal (or…resolution, if you must) and that is to show up for ourselves and the vision we have for our lives. Everything else falls into place as a result of you being you.

As we move through time and space, I believe our sole (and soul) purpose is simply to become more of who we are. That means taking off our array of masks, distancing ourselves from distractions, dropping our limitations and stepping bravely into our fullness.

To me, this is the perfect time to set an intention for yourself. You can decide what you want to do with your life, or – even better- decide how you want to feel in your life and let the magic of the Universe unfold accordingly. I’ve found rigid expectations can cause us to feel like things aren’t working out when, in fact, there is a higher plan that only the algorithm of the unknown is able to calculate.

If we simply set an intention about how we want to feel and – most importantly, know that we’re worthy of it – then surrendering to the flow becomes a beautiful game of synchronicity and alignment. 

intensify your intention

If you need some assistance calling in some fresh vibes into your life for the new year, I’ve got you.

Here’s my new year wish for you:

I hope you tune in to yourself on a daily basis if only to recognize that you are still breathing, your heart is still beating and where you are is exactly where you’re meant to be..

I hope you dream more and dream bigger.

Play more.

Rest more.

Laugh more.

Feel more.

I hope you explore and expand your excitement so that you can experience and celebrate the Divine flow of life force energy that we’re made of.

I hope you understand how amazing you are that there is no one else like you on this planet.

I hope you feel in your bones that the only thing you need to do is be you – all of you – and that’s it.

And I hope you remember that the world doesn’t need a new you. It needs a true you.

Happy New Year, you beautiful human!

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