Opening To Life Beyond Your Limits

You’re so cute when you think you know it all.

Happy day, it’s your buddy Daniel. When it comes to calling in cool experiences, goals and desires, something that I personally get stuck in sometimes (and I know a lot of people do as well) is concerning myself with how it’s going to happen. This is such a dead end.

If you want to see magic unfold in your life, there’s an openness that’s required. We have to accept that we don’t know everything and that there’s a Universe full of possibilities waiting to serve up a life beyond our wildest dreams. So today I want to talk about the ease and excitement that comes with opening up to infinite potential. Let’s do it!

random acts of awesomeness

I love my life in wellness, but sometimes I miss aspects of my “old life” in the city – hustling for acting gigs, being on stage singing, or on the set of a TV show or movie. One day I’d be auditioning for a fancy musical and the next I’m on set wearing combat boots and pointing a gun at Vin Diesel. It was totally cool.

After moving back to my quiet little hometown and working full time building a business, booking acting gigs didn’t seem like the most likely event to occur. But that would be a pretty closed-minded view of Universal possibilities, wouldn’t it?

Case in point: three days ago I got a random call from a friend who said that a TV show was filming in the area and needed a couple actors for a quick scene. Next thing I knew I was on the phone with the producer… and that was it.

Cut to me getting mic’d up on set the next day – back in the lights-camera-action – playing a masseuse and making a quick buck for an hour of filming on a spin-off of a show that I’m actually a fan of. Pretty cool, right?

I’m contractually obligated to keep my mouth shut about the show for now, but I can say that it was silly and fun and zero pressure. It was just exciting to be back in that world for a few minutes.

This experience was further proof to me just how possible (and easy) it is to draw things into your life if you stay open. I didn’t have to drive to the city, I didn’t even have to audition! A fun, easy breezy experience fell into my lap and I just said ‘yes’, showed up, did my thing, then went back to work at the studio.

Most importantly: I was not attached at all. I haven’t been obsessed with getting back to acting, I simply decided that acting will show up in my life on an “as needed” basis and then let go of the wheel.

The Universe has an infinite number of potential ways to serve up awesome opportunities, experiences and synchronicities – but we have to be open to it. And because I opened myself up to this possibility, and acknowledged and appreciated the ease and flow, the Universe knows that I’m down for more random opportunities it wants to drop in.

opening to infinity

As frustrating as it can be to admit, we are the ones who build the dams in the very natural and ever-flowing stream of possibility. Why? Because we tend to get too specific about how things need to work out because our cute lil’ brains (as amazing as they are) don’t have the capability of dreaming up all of the infinite ways that things can happen.

In working towards our goals and aspirations, we place too much emphasis on the work part and not enough on trust. If the Universe has the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, it has the means to bring it into your life.

That said, there’s a high level of belief that is required – a solid understanding that forces greater than us can deliver life to us in ways we can’t imagine. When we remove the restrictions of our narrow view of an extremely complex Universe, we open up to the magical force that brought us here in the first place.

Remember: just because you don’t know how it can happen, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Here – I made a visual aid to show how silly it looks when we think we know it all:

Now, of course you can have a goal and an idea of how to go for it – and yes, you can get there using your way. This message isn’t about being lazy and waiting for a handout. It’s about being open to the fact that there are a quadrillion different ways that the Universe can conspire to bring you awesome $#!%.

the power of possibility

When something shows up in your life that sparks a light in some part of you – and especially if it’s served on a silver platter – you’re going to want to accept it with appreciation and excitement. Why? Because then you’re telling the Universe you’ll follow through with the goodness it brings. And as you practice this openness and acknowledge the beauty, alignment, synchronicity and energy behind it all, it happens more frequently and in more unbelievable ways.

I’ll leave you with another fun example of being open to possibility:

I had envisioned an opportunity to get some major exposure for Vortex that seemed really unlikely and hard-to-get. In fact, when I originally looked into it, it seemed like a dead end. But I let it go, detached from the outcome, and I trusted that if it was meant to be it would be…

And just like that lil’ acting gig, this opportunity unexpectedly fell into my lap… and now it’s going to happen!

What is it? I can’t share the details just yet (oh what a tease, I am) but it’s a big deal for Vortex and – again – it manifested in a very easy and unexpected way. More details to come soon!

Never forget: The same force that created us is the same force that is serving up the awesomeness, so who are we to close ourselves off and decide that there’s only one way for life to be amazing?

Let it be easy, let it be magical and let it be fun!

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