Rounding Out Your Inner Circle

What's the vibe of your tribe? Let's talk about quality control of the company you keep.

Well hello there! We hope your day is going swimmingly. Let’s jump into this today with a bold question: who the heck are you spending your time with? Today we want to chat about the quality of the company you keep. This might get a little deep for casual newsletter fodder, but bear with us.

what frequencies are you frequenting?

Now, legend tells us (as well as countless self-help books), “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

On impact, did reading that make you feel good? Neutral? Or did your heart fall into your ass?

You don’t need any math skills to consider this, just think about it for a second… what’s the vibe of your tribe? Who’s in your crew? Are they lifting your spirits or bringing you down? Holding you up or holding you back?

Consider the fact that, on an energetic level, humans are just a big bunch of frequencies vibrating in their various environments. Like attracts like, and all that jazz.

So if your goal is to live a joyful, exciting and positively-focused life, you better make damn sure the space you’re in, and the people inside it, can vibrate at the level of joy, excitement and positivity.

Now, we’re not suggesting you dump all your friends if they’re having a bit of a bitchy day, but it’s important to be aware of the consistent consensus of energy around you because there’s a strong possibility you’re mirroring the behaviours, attitudes, emotions and actions of your inner circle.

our inner monkey mirror

Believe it or not, there’s serious science that supports this idea. Ever heard of mirror neurons? These sneaky cells in our brains love to mimic others.

These little wonders were discovered when scientists observed that certain brain cells in monkeys activated both when they performed an action and when they saw another monkey do the same thing. It’s like your brain’s version of “Monkey see, monkey do.”

Fast forward to humans: these same neurons fire up when we see someone laugh, cry, or even just sip a cup of coffee. They’re the reason you might yawn after seeing someone else yawn, or feel a rush of joy when you witness a stranger’s heartfelt proposal.

But here’s where it gets cool: mirror neurons don’t just make us mimic actions, they influence our emotions and attitudes. So, if you’re hanging out with folks who live and breathe positivity, chances are, you’ll find yourself sipping on that optimist-tea too as your neurons will likely push you towards feeling happier.

Likewise if you’re always around a group of Debbie Downers your brain will likely lean into that melancholy a little more. It’s more than just “you become who you hang out with”; it’s your brain’s wiring doin’ its thing!

So, when choosing or assessing your circle, remember you’re not just picking friends, you’re curating experiences for your neurons. Choose wisely!

be the good vibes

Lastly, let’s flip the perspective for a second: what energy are you bringing to the people you spend most of your time with?

Here at Vortex, we’re all about creating an energetically awesome experience. Not just because we have a snazzy space and groovy wellness tech, but because we want everyone to feel uplifted. When you step into our studio, you’re not just entering a business – you’re immersing yourself in a high-vibe energy vortex where each individual contributes to the collective.

And we’ve gotta say, we’re blessed and impressed by how many cool humans are attracted to Vortex and bring their awesomeness on the regular. We must be doing something right!

So here’s your challenge: Reflect on the folks you’re giving the most screen time in your life’s movie. Are they the supporting actors you truly need or is it time to think about recasting? And… what role are you playing?

Always remember, if you feel you or your crew could use a sprinkle of positive vibes, you know where to find us.

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