Give that hard-working body of yours a bear hug.


Squeeze in the ultimate recovery session.

Kick back in your personal wellness pod for an incredible recovery session that feels really damn good.

Compression is an effective method by which controlled pressure is applied to your legs in order to increase blood flow and the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems. Vortex proudly uses the Normatec Pro recovery system – an incredible dynamic compression technology that uses compressed air to mobilize fluid and improve circulation.

Engineered for the world’s best athletes, the Normatec Pro is packed with patented and proven technology so you can warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully revived with the restorative massage it gives you. Step into your power boots or strap on the hip attachment depending on what your body needs. We’ll set you up in one of our Pods where you’ll pair your session with some reading, meditation, mindfulness exercises or Netflix.

The compression session works by applying contracting pressure to areas of restricted flow by easing the internal pressure of the veins. This loosening decreases pressure on the venous system and helps aid the body in moving blood towards the heart. It also engages a process called “lymphatic flush” which helps facilitate a decrease in swelling, inflammation and a removal of cellular waste products.

For all you fitness fanatics – have no fear of the aftermath of leg day. With its ability to break up and flush out lactic acid, the compression session greatly reduces delayed onset muscles soreness.

So whether you’re fresh off the slopes or bike trails and want to step into some recovery, or you just want a robot to massage your legs or hips for a while – the compression session truly is a game changer!


Improved circulation
Speed up recovery time
Enhanced lymphatic drainage
Remove lactic acid
Improved range of movement
Improved flexibility
Promotes healing + recovery
Super relaxing


personal space
professional technology
customizeable lounger
personal tablet
noise-cancelling headphones
filtered air & water
lounge access


30 Min
45 Min
  • 6-Pack $204
  • 12-Pack $384


  • Are there size restrictions?

    We appreciate that everyone's body is different. Due to the manufacturer's options available to us, the compression session won't be right for every body type.

    For leg compression sessions, we have three sizes of boots:
    The standard boot - for people with 28-34" inseam and thigh circumference less than 29".
    The short boot - for people with less than 28" inseam and thigh circumference less than 26".
    The power boot - for people with 28-35" inseam and thigh circumference from 29-36".

    For hip compression sessions, the shorts are "one size fits most" with a less than 29" thigh width and 53" waist circumference.

  • What do I wear?

    Glad you asked, this is important to your comfort. Since you're getting squeezed, you're going to want to wear something cozy. Try to avoid pants that have thick seams, zippers, or that bunch up easily. AKA wear track pants or "athleisurewear" - avoid jeans. And please bring socks.
  • Are there any contraindications?

    For the most part, not really - those who have issues with their legs should contact their family doctor to make sure compression is a good idea. Also, if you're pregnant - many women use this technology to relieve swelling, but after the first trimester you'll want to check with your doctor. Additionally, active or known clotting concerns (DVT, thromboembolis, pulmonary embolism or peripheral vascular disease) or congestive heart failure are known contraindications.
  • Do I need to bring anything?

    If you want to bring a book or journal, that's great. You can also help yourself to the Self-Help Shelf where you'll find a library of high-vibe personal development books. Otherwise we've got an iPad full of meditations, music and Netflix :)
  • How long is the session?

    That's up to you! You've got a choice between 30 or 45 minute compression sessions. Don't forget to leave some time to check in and chill in the lounge, too.
  • Is this good for recovering from an injury?

    Great question! This, of course, depends on the injury. If you have an active fracture or torn muscle - not a great idea. If you're working on getting swelling down and increasing circulation - absolutely you can give it a shot. The NormaTec Pro recovery system was designed primarily as a fitness recovery tool, but it has been known to be quite helpful in injury recovery as well. The great thing about the compression session is you're in control. We'll start you at a low intensity and you can crank it up or take it back a notch. The basic rule is, if it feels good - do it. If it doesn't - lower the intensity or stop the session.

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