Cryo Session

Chill out with this incredible technology.

Discover a new way to keep your cool.

Are you an athlete who wants to boost recovery time?
Dealing with an injury?
Maybe you’re looking for a *cool* new way to get a facial?

We’re offering one of the best localized cryotherapy experiences in the biz. Cold, crisp liquid nitrogen cooled air vapours (we’re talkin’ a chilly -226 °F), are applied over areas of the body to provide an analgesic effect (pain relief) to the top layer of skin, as well as penetrating deeper to promote the reduction of swelling and inflammation.

When the session ends, and as the skin and tissue temperature return to normal; circulation increases and freshly oxygentated and nutrient-rich blood returns to the area to help aid in the healing and rejuvenation process.

With facial cryotherapy, the pores and skin tighten and blood flow is restricted and constricted which helps to reduce any facial swelling or puffiness. Then after the frosty facial you get a fresh flow of energy to your face that helps stimulates collagen production and leaves you radiant and refreshed with a plump youthful glow… Sound great, or what?

During a facial cryotherapy session, we enhance the experience with the option of music or a short meditation to take it to the next level.

After your session you can “defrost” in the lounge and leave looking and feeling awesome.


Speed-up sports recovery
Speed-up injury recovery
Reduce muscle/joint pain
Reduce soreness
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce swelling & puffiness
Tighten skin
Increase collagen production




The vapours from our Cryo machine are -226 °F, and cool your skin to around 60°F. Imagine Elsa from Frozen blowing on you - it's chilly, but feels great!
Given the chilly temperature, there are some contraindications to a cryo session. It's best to avoid this session if you are pregnant (2nd Trimester on), or if you have any of the following:

Implanted Pacemaker
Raynaud Syndrome
Diabetes (with peripheral neuropathy)
Cold Activated Asthma
Uncontrolled Hypertension
Other Heart Conditions
Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
Cancer (current chemotherapy)

Most areas of the body can have cryo applied - obviously there are areas that you wouldn't want getting blasted with frozen air ;) That said we're focused on limbs and faces.
Make sure you wear something that allows you to expose the area you want to have Cryo'd. We do not provide robes or covers. We suggest cozy clothing for the facial cryotherapy session so you can relax.
Session length depends on which area of the body you'd like to go after. Typically localized cryo/sports-related sessions like wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders are around 6-10 minutes, while facial cryo sessions are 12. Quick and effective!

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