Salt meets heat for an invigorating experience.


Relax and rejuvenate in your private salty sauna.

The halo session is where salt particles and infrared waves join forces to give your body some real goodness.

Halotherapy was “discovered” in Eastern Europe in the 1800s by physicians who found salt miners seemed healthier and got fewer respiratory ailments. Since then it has evolved rapidly and of course humans developed a fancier way to soak in the salt – enter, the halo session here at Vortex.  Think “salt cave”, but make it sleek, modern, private and turn up the heat.

This session adds low-intensity infrared heat to warm the body and help open your pores and give you the maximum benefit of the salt. The infrared heat is lower than an infrared session (around 102°F). The lower heat still gives you the benefits of infrared waves, but doesn’t get you so sweaty that the salt is just rolling off your body and negating any of its positive effects.

So, basically this is like a private, heated salt cave.
It kinda feels like you’re hanging out on a warm summer day by the ocean.

As you breathe, the salt particles dance around and are inhaled into the upper and lower respiratory system and absorbed by the skin. Since salt is highly absorbent it acts like a sponge and draws out moisture, mucus and impurities, kills microbes and helps with inflammation in both the airways and on the skin. Halo sessions have also been shown to greatly assist with skin issues like acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

It helps to expand the airways and allow for deeper breathing, accelerating the transport of mucus and the elimination of foreign allergens to help bolster the immune system.

While the salt it doing its thing, the infrared waves are penetrating your skin, muscles, joints and tissues to help improve your circulation, oxygen flow, and give your body a gentle detox by helping to remove impurities on a cellular level.

While you’re enjoying the salt and a light sweat, you can tune in to music, meditation, or good ol’ Netflix if you’re looking to zone out and relax.

Take a deep breath and feel the warmth of wellness!


Antimicrobial + antibacterial
strengthens respiratory health
strengthens immune resilience
breaks up moisture & mucus
Enhances skin health
Relieves muscle tension & stress
Aids in pain relief


private sauna suite
in-sauna stereo
towels provided
lounge access
big screen TV*
yoga mat*
*deluxe session only


single session (express)
+ONE (add a friend)
single session (deluxe)
+ONE (add a friend)
  • 6-Pack $434
  • 12-Pack $816


  • How long is a halo session?

    Express sessions are 30 minutes. Deluxe sessions are 50 min, but you have your wellness suite for an hour. This gives you time to undress and get settled beforehand, and to cool off and get dressed afterward.
  • What should I wear?

    Because the salt is great for your skin - the more skin exposure the better. You're welcome to wear your birthday suit in the salt cabin - or whatever you're comfortable in.
  • How hot does it get?

    The infrared heat is lower than our standalone infrared session, but still powerful at 102° F. This ensures you don't get so sweaty that the salt is in ineffective.
  • How salty is it?

    The salt particles are pulverized smaller than a human hair. The halo-generator flows the salt through the air constantly and pulses new salt into the air every few minutes. You may get a sensation in your nose/sinuses and might even taste the salt.
  • Should I shower after?

    If you're going for all the skin benefits it's best to wait 1-2 hours after a session for maximum benefit. Keep in mind you likely won't be sweating buckets like a regular infrared session. If you're mainly focused on the lung benefits, you can go ahead and shower - this is a 'choose your own wellness adventure', after all!

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