Get set to sweat from the inside out.

Looking for a private infrared sauna in Collingwood? We’ve got your back… and it’s about to get sweaty.
Prepare for an awesome experience in your private infrared suite.

Infrared saunas work by raising your core body temperature, producing a deep detoxifying sweat at the cellular level. While traditional saunas heat up the air, infrared saunas heat your body directly using wavelengths of light that are outside our visible range.

The full-spectrum infrared heaters produce near, mid and far-infrared waves that generate a gentle heat from within. The waves penetrate the skin, muscles, joints and tissues to help improve circulation, oxygen flow and stimulate a gentle detox by helping to remove impurities on a cellular level

If you’re not into that “thick wall of heat” that comes with a traditional sauna, an infrared session is likely right up your alley.

Enjoy the amazing benefits of infrared heat while you choose your own wellness adventure: play some music, meditate, stretch on a yoga mat, move your body with conditioning weights and bands – or if you like you can Netflix and chill…. or as we call it here, Sweatflix and chill ;)
It’s like a sweaty, personal movie theatre – good times!

Afterwards, rinse off in your private shower, hang out in the lounge, and then re-enter the world refreshed.



Aids in detoxification
Increases relaxation
Supports in weight-loss
Increases heart health
Aids in pain relief
Anti-aging & skin health
Supports cell health & immunity


private sauna suite
personal shower
big screen TV
in-sauna stereo
filtered water + cold towels
yoga & fitness gear
lounge access


single session
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  • 6-Pack $433
  • 12-Pack $816


  • How long is a session?

    Sessions are 40 minutes, but you have the infrared suite for an hour. This will allow you to get settled beforehand, and rinse off afterward.
  • Do I need to bring a towel?

    No way! We've got you covered - literally. Trust us, we have so many towels.
  • What should I wear?

    We recommend wearing light, loose fitting clothing to the studio as you'll continue to sweat for a bit after your session. During your session, you'll have a nice big towel to wear as a costume, though most people wear their birthday suits. Feel free to bring a bathing suit or gym clothes if you wish.
  • How hot is the sauna?

    We've got the temperature set to 140° F, though you're welcome to lower it and you'll still get the awesome benefits of infrared. If it gets too hot you can open the door or vent, and we've got bottled water and chilled towels to keep you cool!
  • Can I make it hotter?

    In short - nah. You don't need to be a hero and max out the temperature - 140° is the optimal temperature for an infrared session and it's definitely enough to get you sweating.
  • How's it different from a regular sauna?

    A traditional sauna (dry sauna) utilizes wood, gas, or an electric stove with heated rocks to create a very low humidity environment with temperatures between 180 - 200° F. While the benefits are similar - sweat, detox, relief of muscle tension, and increased circulation - those with certain medical issues may not tolerate the extreme temperature.
  • Are there any contraindications?

    Have a look below and if you aren't sure then have a chat with your favourite medical expert.

    Heat sensitivity
    Uncontrolled hypertension
    Cancer (current active treatment)
    History of dizziness/Fainting Spells
    Those with heart conditions should consult their physician/doctor prior to use

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