Soak up the waves and supercharge your cells.

red light

Welcome to the red light district.

The vibes are high and the lights are bright here at Vortex!

Red Light uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to penetrate the skin and underlying tissues to energize your cellular machinery. This stimulates ATP production, and enhances cellular respiration.

The low-level lights allow your body to soak up a long list of great benefits. These sessions are great for skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds. Exposing your whole body to the red and near-infrared lightwaves allows your body to feel the energy production happening in real time. Your cells are triggered to produce energy and get your body working optimally.

Are you an athlete looking to level-up your performance? Now you can access the same technology used by many of the world’s best health practitioners, trainers, pro athletes and teams to improve their performance and speed up recovery time.

Here’s the thing, one panel of red light is great – but we’ve maxed out the space, so you’ll have 2 walls of light coming at you from *12* panels!

While you can definitely just stand there and soak in the red light goodness, Vortex gives you the opportunity to level-up your session; you can change your state with an energizing meditation, or rock out to one of our Red Light Rockstar playlists made to sync with your session. Ain’t nothin’ like raising your vibe by dancing in your birthday suit ;)

Red light sessions are great for your overall well-being, as an awesome pre or post-workout for fitness enhancement and recovery, or just to give your body an extra boost of energy.


Accelerate recovery
Increase energy
Decrease inflammation
Increase circulation
Improve skin
Improve mood
Boost performance
Optimize sleep


private room
personalized music
noise-cancelling headphones
filtered air + water
lounge access


single session
  • 6-Pack $153
  • 12-Pack $288


  • What do I wear?

    The more skin you can have exposed the better - so once you're in the red light room you may want to slip into your birthday suit, or at least wear a tank top and shorts.
  • How long is the session?

    The actual session itself is 10 minutes. Normally you'd have to rotate from one side to the other, but we've maximized the panels in the room so you can get a hit of express wellness. That said, plan to relax in the lounge before and after your session for the full Vortex experience.
  • How often should I do a session?

    You can get a great boost of energy from a single red light session. For optimal results, obviously the more the better. Best case scenario is 3-5 times a week - which is why we created our memberships. (Check them out by clicking here)
  • Are there any contraindications?

    Yes, there are a few. Check these out, and if they apply to you, it's best to avoid the red light session.

    Photosensitivity: individuals who are known to be photosensitive, or have experienced photosensitivity reactions in the past should not use a red light device

    Medications: Individuals using topical, oral or injectable steroids should not use a red light device.

    Lasik Eye Surgery: Individuals in the healing period after Lasik eye surgery should not use a red light device.

    Pregnancy/Lactation: If you're pregnant or lactating, you should not use a red light device, and/or consult your doctor/physician with any questions.

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