Exercise your cells and train your body with optimal frequencies


Say hello to the human charging station.

Ready to whip your cells into shape? Introducing the SEQEX session.

Our bodies have an energy field that is very similar to the Earth’s. In order to maintain our optimal health, it’s important to incorporate this energy into our everyday lives – especially with the constant barrage of different waves and frequencies interacting with us from our computers, phones and other electronic devices.

SEQEX is a pulsed electromagnetic field device (PEMF) that utilizes the geomagnetic field of the earth mixed with other similar low magnitude frequencies. SEQEX technology uses these frequencies to help bring your cells back into electrical balance and harmony.

So what the heck does that mean? SEQEX is going to pulse some awesome frequencies into your body to help repair, regenerate, rebuild, and improve your wellness naturally by enhancing the functionality of your cells.

Charging your body right down to the cells can lead to some great benefits: the pulsed frequencies from the SEQEX promote cellular exercise which allows the cells to expel toxins and waste, and bring in fresh minerals, nutrients and water so your body can improve energy production and function at its best.

It’s a similar process to your heart and lungs circulating more oxygen and removing carbon dioxide during physical exercise. So basically we’re giving the trillions of cells in your body a personal trainer to whip them into shape.

There are 6 SEQEX frequency-focused programs available at Vortex:

  • recalibrate:
    Recalibrate your brain with the Fibonacci sequence to decrease fatigue and depression.
  • recover:
    Improve recovery and reduce recovery time after sports and fitness related activities.
  • rejuvenate:
    Stimulate microcirculation to rejuvenate overall cell health and energy flow.
  • energize:
    Regenerate your body’s energy and reduce the effects of stress.
  • chill out:
    Reduce anxiety and ride the alpha waves into a flow state.
  • harmonize:
    Align your energy and enhance your mind-body-spirit connection.


You can simply let us know which program you’d like for your session when you arrive. And while your cells are exercising during a SEQEX session, you can settle in for a meditation, read a book, watch a nature documentary, have a nap – whatever you like – we’ve got you!

In short, SEQEX gives off next-level good vibes to help boost your battery and let your body work it’s magic to start vibrating at a whole new level.



Reduce inflammation
Improve microcirculation
Relax muscles
Improve brain function + focus
Aid relaxation and sleep
Maximize bone and joint health
Support the nervous system
Relieve minor aches and pains
Increase energy


personal space
customizeable lounger
personal tablet
comfy blanket
cozy slippers
filtered air & water
lounge access


45 min
+ add compression
  • 6-Pack $357
  • 12-Pack $762


  • What should I wear?

    Whatever makes you feel comfortable! This is your time to let your body shift back to it's natural state of awesomeness. Get cozy and let yourself relax.
  • How does it work?

    You'll choose from our menu of programs, whether you want to focus on microcirculation, energy boost, relaxation - and more. Then you'll sit back and relax while the frequencies do their thing.
  • Will I feel anything?

    Generally, you won't notice the pulsating energy frequencies. That said, those who are naturally more sensitive to energy may experience a light tingling sensation, which is super cool!
  • How long are the sessions?

    Sessions are 45 minutes long. While cumulative SEQEX sessions are optimal, your body will absolutely begin to experience a difference after one session
  • Are there are contraindications?

    If you have a pacemaker or other electronic implants, unfortunately it's best for you to avoid this session, given the strong frequencies that are emitted from the device. Also if you're currently pregnant, have epilepsy, or active cancer, it's best to speak to a medical professional beforehand.

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