Get so excited you just can’t hide it.

Hey there – it’s Daniel here with an exciting edition of the Vibe this week. Today I want to chat about the energy of excitement and how we can harness it to create great moments and great momentum in our lives.

But first…

some exciting news

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned something I couldn’t reveal yet? Well, here it is!…

This Monday, February 12th – Vortex is going to be featured on Canada’s insanely popular morning show Breakfast Television on City TV! Join us LIVE as I give host Jessica Panetta a tour of the studio and talk about the wellness wonderland we’ve created here in Collingwood. For all y’all early risers, our segments will air at 6:20am and 7:40am.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our studio to the viewers of the show – especially the people in our area who don’t know about us yet! It’s a phenomenal chance for exposure and I’m very appreciative to be able to jump on the airwaves for a bit – even though I have to get up early to be at Vortex for 5am! Definitely going to get into a NuCalm session for a power nap after it’s all over!

With all that said, I’ve known this was going to happen for over a month now, and as much as I’ve been pumped – I was also initially super nervous and a lil’ bit anxious about it. I used to get this feeling before going on stage to perform, and luckily I learned along the way that anxiety is just a far less fun version of excitement, and it’s totally possible to channel the wonky energy into something wonderful.

(Bonus points if you get this GIF)

anxiety: excitement’s ugly stepsister

Did you know that excitement and anxiety are practically twins in your body’s energetic household? Yep, that fluttery feeling in your stomach, the quickened heartbeat, the sweaty palms—it’s your body not quite deciding whether it’s ticking up the hill of a roller coaster or getting chased by a lion. Science tells us that both states trigger a similar physiological response, thanks to our old pal, the sympathetic nervous system. It’s like your body’s internal power plant pumping out energy, but your brain’s the boss deciding where it goes.

So, here’s the fun part: you can be the conductor of your own emotional orchestra. With a bit of mindfulness and intention, you can redirect that buzzing energy from “Oh no, I’m in a horror movie” to “F!@# yeah! I’m an action hero!” It’s all about perspective.

Instead of letting your brain press play on the worst-case scenario soundtrack, why not flip the record and dance to the tune of excitement? Next time you feel those familiar jitters, take a deep breath and assure yourself that you’re okay – you’re simply preparing to level up. You always eventually make it through those moments of uncertainty, so tell your body you’re just gearing up for the next phase of your day/week/life and let yourself shift into a state of anticipation instead of dread. Your body’s already laying down the beat with all that energy—so why not groove along with excitement?

riding the wave

The energy of excitement is also a potent frequency that helps you determine the next steps in your life. It’s a tell-tale sign of where you need to go next – whatever you’re most excited about – do that! Why? Because it’s the path of least resistance. And the path of most fun.

When we’re excited about something, nothing can hold us back. We can feel the momentum shifting forward instead of feeling pulled backwards or side to side –  we want to run into the next moment with a sense of joy.

Yes, we have work and obligations. Yes we have life’s “must do’s” – and maybe it’s possible to find excitement in those things. How can you keep it light? What can you most look forward to? It’s worth thinking about, because if you can’t find any sense of excitement in the everyday aspects of your life, it might be a good indicator that you should consider changing things up or removing them.

Sometimes when I feel stuck, I ask myself “what can I do that is in my highest excitement?” It’s a great launching point. Excitement doesn’t have to relate to something extreme or even require a ton of action. Steve and I get excited to go to bed every night! And here at the studio people arrive excited to relax or sweat or have a nap.

self care should be exciting

I’m not sure if you knew this, but we have a wellness studio that specializes in self care ;)

We set out to make self care exciting instead of clinical and boring – and I think we’ve done a damn good job at it! This isn’t a “shushy” place with whale music and cucumber water – it’s a a place where the plants have names and you can have a naked dance party in the red light room! it’s colourful and joyous and interesting and weird and wonderful. And that’s on purpose! We want people to be excited to take care of themselves and create an extremely positive association with physical and mental wellness.

Whenever new people call or email and ask “what session should I start with?” my answer is always this question: “What are you most excited about? Do that.” That applies to Vortex, and more importantly life in general.

So whether you’re feeling stuck, starting a wellness journey, or you’re going on Live TV Monday morning, find the excitement and you’ll find your way.

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