Wag your tail for wellness

Let's bark up the right tree with wellness inspiration from my dog

It’s Daniel here today bringing you a tailwag-worthy perspective on wellness inspired by the happiest health guru I know—my dog, Toby. Anyone who has a dog knows how much joy they bring to your life, but they can also provide quite a bit of inspiration on how to approach life.

Now I’m sure there is a lot to learn from cats as well, but I’m a dog man myself so that’s where we’re going to flow today. Our lil’ fur baby is a 4 year old Bernadoodle who is just the sweetest guy ever. He’s constantly reminding me of what’s important in life through his joyful demeanor and readiness for all things fun and exciting. Now… shall we go for a walk?

paws and reflect

Humans love to go-go-go, even when their battery is running low. We often feel like we have to earn our downtime because there’s always so much going on. We tend to ignore the signs and signals that tell our bodies it’s time for a break.

On the other paw, pups know exactly when it’s time to lay down and take a break and some nice deep breaths. And that time is often. Dogs expend their energy as needed and when the dust settles they promptly stop what they’re doing to restore themselves so they’re always ready for the next adventure.

Not only are dogs adorable when they’re passed out in their bed having dreams of chasing squirrels, they exemplify the importance of recovery.

shake it off

I don’t know about you, but when I have an unpleasant feeling, be it a negative emotion or a stubbed toe, it’s all I can seem to focus on and I just want to remove the funk from my energy field.

Ever noticed how a dog vigorously shakes itself off after a stressful encounter or a physical mishap like bumping their head? This instinctual behavior helps them reset emotionally and physically by releasing built-up tension. We can all learn from that! Us humans can benefit from ‘shaking things off’ somatically either by engaging in physical activities or deliberate movements like dancing or stretching – or literally shaking! This can help release muscle tension, reduce stress, and rejuvenate our mood.

Stuck energy remains in our bodies until we move it – so when you’re feelin’ a bit funky, make like a freshly bathed pooch and shake it off!

sniff out the present moment

Toby has a very good sense of when I’m not feeling 100% or if I’m mindlessly scrolling on my phone. He will actually come up to me and nudge his nose against my hand to get my attention or knock the phone out of my hand. The silly part is I’m usually watching cute dog videos while my own precious pooch is right in front of me. Yes he’s a lil’ needy and wants attention but he’s also reminding me that the important things in life are existing around me, not in a stupid piece of glass in my hand.

We can get so distracted because of our habits, low energy levels, or mindlessness that we forget to pay attention to the things in the world around us that actually matter. So pay attention to the nudges from your inner knowing, the Universe, or your attention-seeking fur friends and enjoy existing in the present moment.

be love

Every night when we get home from work, we’re greeted by an excited pooch who is literally tap dancing with excitement to see us. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, it immediately boosts my mood because he can barely contain himself – he’s just so happy to see me.

Imagine we treated everyone in our lives like that? Greeting other humans with that same kind of love and excitement on every interaction would be earth-changing. Okay, maybe it would be weird if we were as excited as Toby – but that brand of genuine kindness and joy is an unmatched energy and it’s something that is a major vibe-changer. I think we can all agree that the world needs more of that kind of unconditional love.

leave your mark

Nothing says “I was here” like lifting your leg and leaving some liquid gold on a tree or a fire hydrant. Our four-legged friends love to sprinkle a bit of their personality wherever they feel instinctively pulled. While this might seem like a silly thing to aspire to (and I’m certainly not suggesting you pee all over everything… though I’m sure it’s a good way to make sure people remember you) I just love the idea that dogs have an instinct to leave their mark on their surroundings.

We all have our unique brand of awesomeness to scatter throughout the planet wherever we go. It’s a cool concept to sniff out the areas in our lives and communities where we want to be remembered and leave our mark there.

Whether it’s their primal instinct to tune into the moment or their unparalleled ability to relax pretty much instantly, our canine friends truly are masters of self care. Now listen, I know dog’s have a simple existence, but isn’t that the most inspiring thing about them? They want to experience life to the fullest and fill their days with love, excitement, cuddles, and naps. Sign me the f!@# up!

I’ll leave you with this: if you haven’t seen the adorable video I made of Toby doing a self care routine at Vortex, you have to check it out here. And next time you’re at the studio, see if Toby is here – in exchange for a lil’ butt rub he’d be more than happy to give you some good vibes.

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