Surviving the Holidaze

'Tis the season for unnecessary stress. Let's get ahead of it!

I swear on all the pizza on the planet that time has collapsed. Wasn’t it summer five minutes ago? Yet here we are – Mariah Carey has crawled out of her cave to start her annual holiday blitz and as of today we are one month from Christmas Eve and the world is about to go full Santa in t-minus 20 seconds. 

Whether you celebrate or not, this time of year brings a ton of unnecessary stress, so today I’m here to give you a preemptive hug and a gentle slap in the face to prepare you to live your best life during these fast, furious and festive times I call… the Holidaze.

it’s the time of the season

I don’ t know about you, but I’ve been watching my calendar fill itself up and feeling the energy rise into my chest. This is my nervous system warning me that I’m about to take on too much and turn an otherwise wonderful time of year into a stress bomb.

‘Tis the season when we feel obligated to be everything and everywhere for everyone else. Well I say, fa-la-la-la-f!#& that!

Now is your chance to decide what this “busy season” looks like.

While there are so many amazing gatherings, meals, laughs, and more – let’s be honest, it’s a lot of energy output. It’s a lot of food, drink, and late nights. For almost a whole month! This isn’t just unsustainable, it’s not conducive to a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness.

What’s the answer? Book your self care into the busy times! There’s no better time to get yourself penciled in among the pandemonium. That way it’s not a lie when you say you’re fully booked. Not great at saying no? Here, I’ll help you:

“Ah, that sounds fun but I have something that night.”
(I’m watching amazingly terrible Hallmark movies with my dog)

“Jeez, my calendar is packed, you know the holidays!”
(I value my sanity more than another “ugly Christmas sweater” party)

“Thanks, but we’ve got another party to go to”

(It’s a slumber party and it’s me going to bed at 8:30)

Try it out! The best gift you can give yourself is me time.

hindering the holiday habits

The Holidaze can cause you to make some pretty bad decisions. 

I want you to fast forward to… let’s say December 28th. If you let the Holidaze get you, you may end up saying something like, “ugh, I ate/drank/partied way to much this month”. We have a lot of fun with friends and family, but then we’re full of regret and feel like $#!%.

Sometimes we like to act like the month of December has some special power over our personal boundaries, like all bets are off – but is it worth it? Maybe for some – but there are ways to enjoy the holidays without polluting your body.

I have some shocking news for you: turkey, pie, and Turtles are available all year round. There is no need to stuff yourself like a stocking just because Santa Claus is comin’ to town.

Get your mind right and make a personal commitment to uphold your values before you jump into the holiday madness and get seduced by a table full of chocolate and cheeses. 

Remember: you get to decide how to celebrate. For me, I’ve been working way too hard at the gym to set myself back with an excess of butter tarts and candy cane martinis. Don’t get me wrong, a butter tart or four will find my mouth at some point. It’s all about moderation, baby! 

we have enough $#!%.

A big part of the Holidaze is stressing about buying things that will ultimately end up in a landfill and then wrapping it in shiny paper just so you have something to give. In a world of too much stuff, experiential gifts are the way to go – and I’m not just saying that because I’m about to tell you about some experiential gifts we’re now offering (which I am). 

I’ve been talking to more and more people about gift giving and many of the sentiments were the same – people want to give and receive moments more than stuff. Why? Because moments create memories.

And, while a random dollar amount on a gift card to a schmancy wellness studio is a great idea, we wanted to offer a more curated approach. So, we’ve introduced the Vortex Experiences: 4 amazing mini-retreats for that wellness lover in your life. Check ‘em out!

If you know someone who would dig it, come on it and pick one up. If you want one – start droppin’ hints, baby! (Take a screenshot and forward with *ahem*).

Finally, this season remember to have fun, but keep your $#!% together. And we’re here when you need to escape the Holidaze.

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