The problem with impatience

Isn’t “trusting the process” totally annoying?

Hi there! Daniel here on another Friday afternoon to chat about life and some of the silly things we do to make it harder, like being impatient. This is a particular state of being that I am not so thrilled to admit I am an absolute expert in. I have a PhD in impatience. 

This is precisely why I feel qualified to tell you to cut that $#!% out! Or… at least become more conscious of any propensity you have to shift into an anxious state while waiting for life to happen. Let’s talk about how an inherent unwillingness to “trust the process” could be holding you back!

patience isn’t a virtue

Ooo, am I challenging long standing ideologies? YES. Because I don’t think patience is a high moral status or revered personality trait, I believe patience is a practice – a lifestyle even, that requires a high amount of self-awareness to navigate the inescapable fact that not everything you want to happen needs to happen immediately when you want it to.

Sometimes it’s a good practice to reflect and remember situations in your life where things took days, weeks, months or years longer than you thought, since we always end up with a better birds eye view to see how things worked out exactly how they’re supposed to.

Lest we forget that on the rollercoaster of life, the ups and downs can cause you to laugh, scream and sometimes feel like you’re going to puke. That doesn’t mean we need to rush the ride. Simply enjoy it to the best of your ability in whatever capacity you can. Your nervous system will thank you.

impatience is an insult

At the risk of sounding dramatic (reminder: I literally have a degree in Drama): Impatience is an insult to the Universe. There is an unknown force that guides the Divine timing of all things, and impatience exemplifies an attitude that we could do a better job organizing the unfolding of the infinite components it takes to create life on earth. Silly humans. 

I think a big reason we fall into this impatience trap is due to an understandable yet unsustainable premise that runs rampant through most human minds and that is:

 “When _________ happens, then I’ll feel _____________”.

And this, my little baby angel, is not how the Universe works.

Speaking strictly of frequency, we need to start at the feeling place, take inspired action and then we experience things unfold accordingly – it’s the metaphysical way!

Let me give you some real world personal examples of how impatience can throw off your vibe.

On a small scale, every time Steve and I get into our vehicle and he is driving, I want the AC or the heated seats activated and I want the car moving ASAP. Steve, on the other hand, acts as if he’s the pilot of a Boeing 747 during a pre-flight check list: Making sure everything is in his wallet is organized in a particular way, adjusting his seatbelt slowly and methodically, putting on lip chap and getting a piece of gum from the console. All the while I’m taking deep breaths and noticing how impatient I’m being. But there’s no rush! Chill out, me!

On a larger scale, building Vortex was an absolute f!@#ing masterclass in patience vs. impatience. Anyone who has contracted anything to be built understands you can have the best laid plans in the world and still have a million things fall behind schedule. Everything from our building permits to our construction took forever. We were so excited to open, but we built during the pandemic so all bets were off. I had launched ads that advertised us opening in September of 2021… and we opened in March of 2022. 

Ultimately the delay was of great benefit to us. We used the time to shoot and film content in our space, to meet and give tours to local business owners, instagram followers, and to hire and train staff for opening. Since we were so delayed, we already had a strong following of people anticipating our opening, so we were able to open with a bang and ride the momentum.

Moral of the story – trust the process and, as challenging as it can be – lean into patience in the present.

the present holds the power

There is great power in the “Now” moment – Eckhart Tolle wrote an extremely popular book about this that I was too impatient to get through (but I hear it’s great). 

All of our power is found in the present moment. It’s where we can evaluate what frequency we’re vibrating at and choose a new one to move to, if necessary. Sounds great, right? But like most things it’s easier said than done. Like most things in the amazing (and annoying) Universe, everything is a paradox. In order for us to manifest the future we want, we have to be present. If we practice bringing our awareness into the present moment, we have a better chance of keeping our nervous system in check, and remaining in control of our emotions and therefore our future. 

It makes sense though when you think about it – depression focuses on the past, and anxiety is all about concern about the future. The present is the launchpad where we get to decide what comes next. So if we’re impatient, we’re holding a frequency that things aren’t the way we want them to be and the Universe will respond by giving us more of that.

If we practice presence and gratitude, we can actually shift the speed of manifestation because our frequency is free of restriction.

So whether you’re in a moment that sucks or a moment that is glorious, it’s important to understand that you’re experiencing just one frame of one scene in the filmstrip that is your life. While we may not have the power to speed up time and space, we certainly have the power to control how we feel in each moment.

That’s why, when people come to visit Vortex, we gently force you to be present. We do not allow the outside world in. You’re not allowed to do work, and we encourage a break from your phone. We want people to be present and relaxed because then they can literally shift their life to the next level.

So if you’re down to get present with us, come on in. Until then, be patient ;)

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