Your Word Is Your Wand: Self-Talk For Self-Care

What did I just say to me? Let’s talk about our inner talk.

It’s Daniel here today to chit chat about our inner chit chat – also known as self-talk. I had a great reminder this week about the power of the words we say about ourselves and to ourselves. Because even the smallest words in seemingly harmless sentences can have a profound impact on our lives.

We all have that invisible friend who can either be our biggest cheerleader or a complete @$$hole, and too often we let that @$$hole dominate the conversation, so today let’s dive into the art of mastering our internal dialogues!

chatter matters

How often do you talk to yourself? I do it all the time, thanks for asking. Sometimes out loud, but most of the conversations happen inside my head and most of the time it’s unconscious… and constant… and, to be honest, a lot of the time it ain’t pretty. But I’m workin’ on it!

Ever notice how your mind can host a non-stop, 24/7 talk show? If only we got royalties for every episode that aired in our heads! But here’s the kicker: the quality of this chatter matters. If your inner host is more doom and gloom than morning sunshine, it might be time to switch stations.

Think about those times you might do something as innocuous as making a typo and saying “ugh, you’re so stupid” – or putting the spoons where the forks go and thinking “wrong spot, dummy”. While it might not seem like a big deal in the moment, negative self-talk isn’t just a downer; it’s totally f!@#ing with our self-worth

your word is your wand

Words have a lot more power than most of us realize. Words are essentially spells (hence spelling – get it?). If that’s a little too far out for you, consider this:

When we engage in self-talk, it’s not just a whisper into the void; it’s a direct conversation with our brain, particularly the prefrontal cortex, which is the command center for decision-making and behavior. This area of the brain processes the language we use, giving meaning and emotion to our internal dialogue.

Neuroscientists have found that positive self-talk can stimulate neural pathways associated with self-confidence and well-being, enhancing cognitive function and emotional regulation. Cool, right?

On the darker side, negative self-talk can activate the amygdala, the brain’s fear center, triggering a stress response and inhibiting our ability to think rationally and empathetically.

This internal narrative also influences the reticular activating system, which acts as a filter for information deemed important based on our beliefs and repeated thoughts. Essentially, what we repeatedly tell ourselves shapes our perception of reality, influencing not only how we view ourselves but also how we interact with the world around us.

So, by consciously shifting our self-talk from critical to supportive, we can rewire our brain, creating a mindset geared toward growth and resilience. So let’s do more of that, shall we?

Imagine turning that inner critic into your personal life coach. Instead of “I can’t believe I messed up,” how about “I’m proud of myself for trying”? This isn’t about slapping a happy sticker on every situation; it’s about acknowledging your efforts and finding ways to grow. Again, words have power, and your self-talk can either be a barrier or a booster on your journey to greatness.

mirror messages

Here’s a quirky exercise: mirror talk. It sounds weird – and yes, it’s wildly vulnerable, but it’s extremely powerful to have a genuine moment with yourself. Stand in front of a mirror, look into your own eyes, and say something positive. It could be as easy-breezy as “nice eyes, hot stuff” or as deep and simple as “I love you”.

It might feel strange at first, but there’s magic in seeing yourself affirm your worth. Plus, it’s scientifically backed – positive affirmations can rewire our brains to believe in our potential and activate positive change.

What’s nice is the more you practice this, the more self love you can expand within yourself. It’s not always easy, but it’s always nice to pass by a reflective surface and throw a compliment your way.

Full disclosure, I enjoy the premise of this more than the practice, and while I don’t always go deep with sentimental conversations in the mirror, I will often catch my reflection and say “hey! you’re my best friend” or “you’re hilarious” or “you look great today”. Why? Because sometimes it’s easier to project positivity to someone else, and luckily in this case, it’s me in a mirror!

think good things, feel good things

At Vortex, we believe in the power of positive vibes – and it all starts with how you interact with yourself. That’s why our water bottles have affirmations etched into them:

“I am relentlessly incredible.”
“I am calm, kind and grateful.”
“I am always attract awesomeness”.
“I am constantly thriving.”

We aim to take self care to the next level having you not only hydrate, but incorporate those small but powerful aspects of positive self-talk into your day.

Why? Because Vortex is meant to be a place where your inner dialogue can go from a muddled monologue to a clear, empowering conversation. Because when you start changing the words you use with yourself, you’re not just shifting your mindset; you’re transforming your reality.

So, << Test First Name >>, the next time you catch your inner talk show host going off-script with negativity or limiting language, remember: you’re the director. Cut! Let’s try that scene again, but this time with a little more kindness and a lot more confidence. After all, the words you choose today shape your tomorrow.

When in doubt, come find your vibe at Vortex – where every second you spend is an affirmation of your wellbeing.

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